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Residential building

New building

Residential building replacing a 1950s building in an urban context.

A careful planning, concerned with energy saving, places this building in energy efficiency class A. Energy...

Studio Maggiore Architettura



The village involved in this intervention, situated in the old municipality of Mura, in Valtenesi, derives its name from the Lombard mura, meaning wall or  house, and is shaped as a...

ristrutturazione cascina

Hamlet turned into office


This hamlet in Franciacorta, previously the home and workspace of a winemaker, had been abandoned for some time and was then purchased by the new owner, who was very receptive and...


Villa i gelsi

Rennovation and addition

Complete renovation of a building located on the hills of Garda Lake  , and project to a winter garden . The building is surrounded by a park on which action was...

Studio Maggiore Architettura



Concorsi di idee in collaborazione con giovani laureati in architettura

Showroom Cremona

New buildings

Show room in Cremona mq. 1.000



Found in the immediate inland of the Salento peninsula, surrounded West by the Ionian Sea and East by the Adriatic Sea, this magnificent property, an ancient Pajara built with dry...

Showroom Brescia

New buildings

Show room in Brescia mq.800

Ristrutturazione Edificio

Abitazione primi del '900 in Franciacorta


Situata ai piedi delle Prealpi Bresciane nello splendido scenario  della Franciacorta vitivinicola, questa abitazione dei primi del ‘900 è stata interessata da un attento...




Renovation of part of a 19th century farmhouse set in a rural context amid the hills of Valtenesi, in the hinterland of Lake Garda.

The loggia, used as a sitting room where...