Progetto urbanistico Arad Romania

Progetto urbanistico

New buildings

A vast rural area of about 170 ha in the Romanian region of Arad is the setting for a project involving a large golf course around which a new urban site with public areas, hotels...

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Concorsi di idee in collaborazione con giovani laureati in architettura

Showroom Brescia

New buildings

Show room in Brescia mq.800

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Trading house

studio maggiore architettura ristrutturazione sul lago di garda

Villa i gelsi

Rennovation and addition

Complete renovation of a building located on the hills of Garda Lake  , and project to a winter garden . The building is surrounded by a park on which action was...

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Country home


The property is located in the hinterland of Lake Garda, amid the glacial hills of Valtenesi.

The building, a hunting house built in 1700, was added with a porch and a loggia in...

Complesso residenziale Brolo

Piano di recupero

Prestigious villa

New building

Located at the extremity of the Sirmione peninsula, a place rich in history and splendour, a prestigious villa was built following the demolition of a 1970s building. The location,...

ristrutturazione cascina

Hamlet turned into office


This hamlet in Franciacorta, previously the home and workspace of a winemaker, had been abandoned for some time and was then purchased by the new owner, who was very receptive and...

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Two-family villa


This two-family villa is found on the outskirts of the old town centre, at the foot of the hill rising next to the city....