Studio Maggiore Architettura

Historical palace

Preservation and restoration works

The building has undergone preservation and restoration works.   

Progetto urbanistico Arad Romania

Progetto urbanistico

New buildings

A vast rural area of about 170 ha in the Romanian region of Arad is the setting for a project involving a large golf course around which a new urban site with public areas, hotels...

Ex mil


This former olive mill from the 15th century is hidden in a small village of the Languedoc, France.

The absence of pre-existing internal partitions made it possible to renovate...

Showroom Brescia

New buildings

Show room in Brescia mq.800

Studio Maggiore Architettura

Hotel - Lago di Garda

Ristrutturazione ed ampliamento



The renovation of an imposing 1700 hamlet, set amid the rolling hills of Lake Garda, aimed to soften the austere architectonic approach of the time through the employment of lime...

studio maggiore architettura ristrutturazione sul lago di garda

Villa i gelsi

Rennovation and addition

Complete renovation of a building located on the hills of Garda Lake  , and project to a winter garden . The building is surrounded by a park on which action was...


Prestigious villa

New building

Located at the extremity of the Sirmione peninsula, a place rich in history and splendour, a prestigious villa was built following the demolition of a 1970s building. The location,...

Studio Maggiore Architettura



The landscape: a space to walk through, contemplate, experience.

Landscaping, the art of understanding the interaction of people with nature, recovers the link of our lost...

Directional mall

New buildings



Found in the immediate inland of the Salento peninsula, surrounded West by the Ionian Sea and East by the Adriatic Sea, this magnificent property, an ancient Pajara built with dry...