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Progetto urbanistico Arad Romania

New buildings

A vast rural area of about 170 ha in the Romanian region of Arad is the setting for a project involving a large golf course around which a new urban site with public areas, hotels and residential spaces will become a new neighbourhood in the Country.  

Residential building

studio Maggiore Architettura

New building

Residential building replacing a 1950s building in an urban context.

A careful planning, concerned with energy saving, places this building in energy efficiency class A. Energy production from renewable sources and great attention to materials are the guiding lines behind the whole planning process of a modern and functional construction, thoughtfully collocated in a context with other early 1900 buildings.


Studio Maggiore Architettura


The village involved in this intervention, situated in the old municipality of Mura, in Valtenesi, derives its name from the Lombard mura, meaning wall or  house, and is shaped as a courtyard centre, the result of spontaneous aggregations and architectural excrescences.